New Patients

New Patients

Looking for an experienced and friendly dentist in North London?

At Rose Garden Dental Practice our focus is on enhancing the health and the appearance of your smile.

Dental Health Examinations

We aim to assess the overall health of your mouth to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums for life.

  • Regular examinations give us the opportunity to identify and treat potential dental problems before they become complex or costly to treat.
  • We want you to feel confident in your smile and will give advice about cosmetic dentistry should you wish to improve the appearance of your smile.
  • We pride ourselves on delivering the very highest quality customer care and will give you the opportunity to discuss all available options and prices before agreeing on a bespoke dental treatment plan.
Dental Health Examinations
Patient Journey

When welcoming you to our clinic, we will begin with an informal chat about your unique smile objectives. We will pay attention to your needs and identify the features you would like to improve.

We will give you the opportunity to discuss all available options and prices before agreeing on a bespoke treatment plan, you’ll be surprised at what can be achieved within all budgets.

Nervous Patients

We believe that dentistry should be available to everyone and that anxiety should not be a barrier to accessing high quality dental treatments.

  • If you feel scared about going to the dentist then you’re not alone. Approximately 13% of the people in the UK avoid regular dental appointments due to anxiety.
  • We will do our best to ensure that everyone who visits our practice feels relaxed and confident.
  • We go at your pace, we’ll ensure that you are able to attend regular appointments with minimum anxiety allowing you to feel as stress-free as possible.
Nervous Patients
Dental Emergencies

Whether you’ve got toothache or a broken filling, we understand that accidents happen. Dental emergencies can involve a range of scenarios: general toothache, swelling or bleeding, or from accidents resulting in cracks, chips, broken or knocked out teeth.

If you’re looking for an emergency dentist in Kingsbury, Queensbury, Edgware, Harrow, Wembley or North London the team at Rose Garden will do everything possible to make sure you are seen promptly, arranging an emergency dental appointment, usually within 24 hours. Wherever possible we will arrange to see you on the same day.

Call us on 020 8200 5588 if you have a dental emergency. If your problem is urgent and occurs out of hours call 111 for the NHS Helpline.

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