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Caring for your oral health – hygienist in North London

At Rose Garden Dental Practice we believe prevention is better than cure and the best way to avoid unnecessary dental treatment is to book regular appointments with one of our dental hygienists. We have an experienced team of highly trained and qualified hygienists who all provide the very best oral hygiene services and advice.

Why have Dental Hygiene?

Why have Dental Hygiene?

  • Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is invaluable for your oral and general health
  • A hygienist will remove plaque and calculus that you are unable to remove yourself which will help resolve and also prevent gum disease and can help prevent tooth decay
  • Keeps your teeth sparkling and breath fresh

If you’re looking for a dental hygienist around Kingsbury, Queensbury, Edgware, Harrow, Wembley or anywhere in North London then we offer an inexpensive service that offers so many benefits.

Dental Hygiene FAQs

What is gum disease?

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease and periodontitis, is an inflammatory condition affecting the tissues surrounding a tooth, and is the leading cause of tooth loss. Once it sets in, the toxins produced by the bacteria damage the teeth’s connective tissue and bone, effectively destroying them.

What causes gum disease?

Gum disease is caused by sticky plaque and hard deposits of tartar. It happens when teeth and gums are not kept clean enough. Without regular cleaning the gums will come away from the tooth creating pockets around the teeth where food and plaque collects. Pockets are difficult to keep clean and gum disease will get worse if treatment is not carried out.

Unchecked, gum disease progresses to bone loss around teeth which loosens them until they have to be taken out. Severe gum disease can be an inherited factor or an indicator of problems with general health. Scientists have discovered that periodontal disease is linked to coronary heart disease and stroke, especially for people who smoke or have high blood pressure.

What causes bad breath?

Bad breath, or halitosis, is a very common oral health problem that can lead to self-esteem issues, low confidence and affect job prospects and relationships.

While bad breath originates in the mouth 80% of the time, at other times it is a symptom of underlying disease that needs the earliest possible treatment. Certain illnesses such as diabetes, liver or kidney problems, nasal or stomach conditions and “dry mouth” (xerostomia) that affects the flow of saliva can be the cause of bad breath.

Persistent bad breath is usually caused by the smelly gases of the bacteria that coat your teeth and gums. Smoking and a poor diet can add to the problem. Dental problems account for the majority of breath disorders. These can range from broken, leaking fillings or obvious infections to impacted teeth and calculus build up that can harbour odour-causing bacteria. Bits of food that get caught between the teeth and on the tongue will rot and cause an unpleasant smell.

At Rose Garden Dental Practice we offer exceptional dental hygiene services and treatments delivered by a highly experienced and skilled team. We’ll also put together an easy-to-follow dental hygiene regime for patients to follow so you avoid unnecessary dental treatment in the future.

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